Audio Book – Born of Legens – Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Audio Book – Born of Legens – Sherrilyn Kenyon

$24.99 $8.99


It is in the darkest hours of a universe’s past that their legends are born and their heroes rise… No one knows exactly how much heart they have until their mettle is put to the hazard and they reach the lowest point of hell. There, they have only two choices. Lie down and die. Or find the strength to push themselves to their feet and fight back with everything they have. In the words of Trajan Thaumarturgus: Every great legend begins with one hero giving his finger to destiny and fate. For those who have read Born of Betrayal, Dagger is the alias that is used by Ushara’s husband, and the father of the twins, who is on the run for his life. This is his story and shows how he became a member of the Tavali and what happens to them…