Audio Book – Empire and Honor – WEB Griffin
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Audio Book – Empire and Honor – WEB Griffin

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In World War Two, Adolf Hitler’s high command secretly wages a campaign in South America for control of neutral Argentina while the battles exploding thousands of miles away grab the world’s headlines. It’s a country of considerable assets—perhaps the most important of which being sanctuary for the Nazi leadership should Germany lose the war. And—quietly, never foolishly suggesting such to Der Führer—they know that that’s not a case of “if,” but “when.” With time running out, it’s up to a young U.S. Marine covertly attached to the Office of Strategic Services—Major Cletus Frade, whose Argentine father was assassinated by the Germans and whose own life has been targeted—and his team of spies to sabotage those Nazi efforts in any way necessary. Without, of course, getting caught…or killed.