Audio Book – Extreme Prey – John Sandford
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Audio Book – Extreme Prey – John Sandford

$24.99 $8.99


Detective Lucas Davenport has retired from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, but he isn’t slowing down — and neither does the action in this fast-paced thriller. The plot certainly is topical: During the presidential primaries, a candidate hears a rumor that rogue members of an anti-government group are planning to assassinate one of his opponents. But when he tries to alert people, everyone shrugs off the alarmist warning as an attempt to scare off the opponent. So he enlists Davenport to verify the rumor and, if it turns out to be true, track down the would-be killers. The readers know that the rumor is true, and because we’re being updated on the assassins’ activities, we also know that Davenport is running out of time to stop them. Sandford sprinkles in just enough character development that someone encountering Davenport for the first time can get a feeling for him, but the narrative doesn’t get waylaid by extensive backgrounding, which would be unnecessary for the regular readers of the “Prey” series, anyway. As usual, the author’s primary focus is on keeping the plot zipping along in high gear. Add a hammock under a shady tree, and you’ve got a quintessential summer read.