Audio Book : The Girl By The Grave : HM Ward
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Audio Book : The Girl By The Grave : HM Ward

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It all started after the crash.The New York Times bestselling suspense series about the girl next door. It’s a twisting psychological roller coaster of secrets, lies, betrayal, and family.I had it. Now it’s gone. The loving parents, nice home, and a normal life in the quiet suburbs of Long Island. My aspirations were trite, nothing fancy—a degree so I could get a good job. Make a difference in the world. The wattage on my future was bright, blinding almost. They all expected great things from me, but those things will never come to pass.One night my parents went up in flames, and my ambitions burned along with them. I didn’t see the wreck, only pictures afterward. I was supposed to be in that car, with them. Sometimes I wish I went along because it’s easier than being here, alone. The cops wrote it off as an accident, a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The type of thing that happens to other people. Not me.The story that unfolds is a haunting tale that depicts the exact point when a good person breaks and the monster within emerges. After all is said and done, doesn’t surviving justify anything?

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